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Large Hanging Bubble Terrarium/Candleholder
Hanging Bubble Candleholders/Vases
Wall Bubble Vases
Tabletop Terrarium
Large Wind Tunnel Terrarium
Hanging Aerium Nest White
Hanging Aerium Nest Green
Hanging Aerium Egg White
Hanging Aerium Egg Blue
Petite Dish with Dome
Hanging Egg Vase
Hanging Rocket Vase
White/Peridot Hanging Pod
Hamilton Square & Rectangle Vases
Grand Hanging Bubble - Clear
Hanging Bubble Terrariums - Ellipse (Set/2)
Renoir Glass Cloche 7"x14"
Renoir Cloche 9"x18.5"
Large Renoir Cloche 11"x24"
Tapered Cloche w/Saucer
Hyde Metal Greenhouse - Natural
Glass Sphere Dome S/2
Glass Cloche Dome 24"
Glass Terrarium Clear Black 26"
Luna Hanging Vases - Matte White
Hyde Metal Greenhouse
Hyde Metal Wall Mounted Greenhouse
Large Hanging Bubble Vase 6"
Medium Hanging Bubble Vase 5"
Small Hanging Bubble Vase 4"
Glass Dome w/Cream Stoneware Base 15.7"
Glass Dome w/Cream Stoneware Base 18.3"
Hanging Bubble Terrarium - Teardrop Large
S/3 Glass Candle Holders with Rope Handles
Knoll Terrarium 10.25"x 17"
Glass Crock - Sm 8"H
Glass Crock - Med 9.5"H
Wood & Glass Terrarium
Wooden Terrarium 20x18x40
Paradise Terrariums Set/2
Hanging Bubble Terrariums - Oval (S/2)
Hanging Bubble Terrariums - Teardrops (S/2)
Hanging Bubble Terrarium - Teardrop Small (Set of Two)
Magnolia Glass Pedestal w/Dome
Magnolia Glass Pedestal w/Dome
Pierre Faceted Terrarium
Wood and Glass Green House with Rope Handle
Pierre Terrarium - Tall Hexagon
Bulb Vase Tall - Clear Set/2
Smith Glass Canisters
Renoir Glass Cloches
Antique Brass Terrarium Hexagon
Glass Terrarium Hexagon 10"
Glass Terrarium Hexagon 29"
Glass Terrarium Rectangle 9"
Glass Terrarium Tower 18"
Pierre Leaded Glass Wall Terrarium - Rhombicube
Pierre Leaded Glass Wall Terrarium - Dodecahedron
Sisal Base w/Glass Terrarium Natural
Pierre Hanging Leaded Glass Luminaria - Icosahedron
Pierre Hanging Leaded Glass Luminaria - Polygon
Pierre Hanging Leaded Glass Luminaria - Icosahedron
Pierre Terrarium Tray
Pierre Terrarium - Sm Hexagon - Zinc